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Why I Founded a Startup and How it Will Change the World

I see my generation struggling financially. We are fighting to afford the basic necessities that other generations were able to take for granted. House prices are rising, education costs are spiralling all the while wages are stagnating or dropping. The cost of living is going to affect millennials more than any generation in recent history.

Yet there is no way to participate in the most proven way to accumulate wealth. The 1% are able to maintain their position due to their access to asset classes which are closed off to the rest of us. You’ll never become wealthy working for someone else — HR departments have colluded to control wages to the point where you are paid as little as possible for providing as much value as possible. That is the basic definition of business.

We can’t even participate in the way other generations have traditionally stored and accumulated wealth. We can’t buy homes or benefit from their increase in value because cost have risen too much. We could be the first generation to buy a home and lose money over a long period of time.

Ownership and equity are the only way for your wealth to scale exponentially, but for this to be true you have to be involved in these companies at the earliest possible stage. To be financially secure, working for an hourly wage becomes less valuable by the day. That’s inflation.

That’s before we are disrupted by AI, machine learning and robotics. If the employment apocalypse which is forecast comes to fruition then what? You’re only opportunity to benefit financially is to be invested in the winners.

That is why I decided to build Nexves

I want to help people. I want to democratise the opportunity to accumulate wealth through access to the futures most innovative companies. Not only that, but I want to make it available to everyone passively, without you having to even think about participating. You accumulate ownership in the future simply by having an account.

Your Nexves account operates like a normal bank account but instead of costing you money it actively makes you money.

And it costs you nothing

There are no costs to participate. Simply as a by product of having account you accrue ownership in tomorrows companies.

Fund your Future

Nexves envisions a future where your money works for you. You are one of Billions of people on this planet. Alone you are weak, together we are strong.

Nexves allows all of us to operate collectively in a swarm for mutual self interest. Imagine 10,000 people sharing a message with their followers on social media to download an app. Imagine 100,000 people requesting their local supermarket store a product. Imagine 1,000,000 people searching for tomorrows most innovative businesses to fund and help grow.

We want to help you thrive financially. We want everyone to have access to a more secure future.

Move Fast and Fix Things

We don’t want to break things like other technology companies. We want to fix things and make things better — inequality sickens us. We believe decentralisation is the future of everything, especially wealth and finances.

Where do we go from there?

Our product road map is extensive.

Why does your bank do nothing to help you save money? Have you never wondered why they don’t tell you when you are paying too much for anything?

They do nothing for you. They are perhaps the largest arbitrators of truth in the world — yet no business is so opaque. No business has caused us so much pain — yet they remain the same. The tech revolution has revolutionised even the most traditional of industries — taxi’s (Uber) and freight (flexport) — yet banks continue to operate to our detriment. No more.

People are at the centre of Nexves. Banks currently possess all your data relating to how much you pay for services each month. They have this data for everyone else as well. Any Bank could take this data, compare it to all their other customers and tell you how much you could save relative to what others are paying. None of them do. Nexves will. All the data we have is yours. This gives you the power to negotiate costs down where you are paying too much.

Simply by having money in an Nexves account you will save. Transfer your account to us and if you are paying £/$90 a month for your Television subscription we will automatically negotiate this down to whatever the lowest cost achieved on the platform is. Imagine this for all your recurring expenses.

We’re the only one willing to do it

Why do you pay a subscription fee for Netflix? Why are Facebook and Google free. The adage is that if you are using something that’s free you are the product.

Companies will emerge that enable the consumption of content without the necessity for users to pay creators or service providers directly. For low CPU usage tasks — watching video, reading articles, social networks, photo sharing, almost every task you undertake online — services will tax you a % of your CPU usage and use that to mine Crypto which will be distributed to the creator according to how long you spent watching, reading or using what they made.

That is what Nexves promises

Help us fund the future today



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