Hello World!

Hello world, this is Pratik Somwanshi and I’m going to explain how I solve problems on HackerRank.

I am eager to start my own blog and I find no topic better than this. I will discuss the approach and also the code for the solution. I will mostly use python but you are free to use any language you want. I will also post the links to these problems so that you can go there and solve it to earn points.

I won’t claim that I am very good at programming and that my solutions are the best. I am just sharing my solution from my point of view. You might come up with better solutions and I hope you do.

I will post on a wide range of problems like searching, sorting, string manipulation, dynamic programming, graph theory, etc. I strongly believe in spreading awareness among people and encouraging them for competitive coding.

I am open to suggestions and I hope to see you code alongside me. Thanks for reading. See you soon…