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From a commerce student to a program coder — my experience on Hackathon 2020

People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

-Steve jobs

Techies think that the commerce students can’t create anything new other than managing one’s accounts. This is my very first blog and it is about my experience in TNSI 2020 Hackathon. We participated as 2 teams with 6 members each.

We did two projects named,

· Ambi — an alert letting ambulances move fast in the traffic

· GPS — Girls Ply Safe a device for the safety of women

I was very much excited when our project GPS got selected in the National Level Program, and that proved we, the commerce students too have ideas to create new softwares.

We used RPA for coding. Learning RPA was useful and really helped us while creating new projects.

Coder, that is what I like to be called as!
Being a Commerce student I am not much talented at coding, but I am interested in exploring various domains. We had a great experience in learning to code from the experienced coders.


The craziness to create new did not end with Hackathon. It will stay very long. Learning to code is highly motivating as we can create what we think. As they say expect the unexpected in Hackathon, we saw some unexpected things happened for us too.


It is a highly competitive environment where one should be innovative enough to attain success. We were forced to participate but somehow we got selected for the National Level. So build interest in what you do its outcome will be more satisfiable.

At the stage of tasting our victory:

Now we are at the stage to taste our success. We need to submit the overall working model of our project soon. It is the place where all hackers of the country meet to show their talent. This is not the end, still we have lot more to achieve.




When Curious is ready for inspiration, Imagination engages talent; When Talent meets opportunity, Community facilitates a hackathon; When a Hack delivers a diamond-in-the-rough, a privileged Genius is to be had; The world needs your contribution, so come hack your genius NOW!

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