RPA and Facebook Chatbot Workshop

I am so excited of this workshop and also this day. The day made me a very useful and helpful and also a motivated day. Today at KGiSL very excitingly our faculty called me to this workshop.

I don’t know what the topic of this workshop about to go. And When I entered the workshop there only I know there is a very big gift awaited for me when they said about the workshop. I am very interested to the workshop session.

KGiSL Dushyanth sir and also our MD Ashok Be sir taken class about RPA(Robotic Process Automation) and Facebook Chatbot. And I signed in as Facebook developers. I am very excited to access Facebook on KGiSL Desktop computers. And I created my own chatbot page on Facebook.

And the challenge by Ashok sir made me enthusiastic and very interested to do coding. I will confirm to complete the challenge and I hope to do it. I am motivated by this workshop.

And I think this day is my turning point day of my life. At last once again, I am thanking Ashok Be sir and Dushyanth sir. And also to our faculty.

Thank you so much sir for conducting this workshop.