Hacking Actions — the publication

I am starting a prototype called Hacking Actions. It is a series of texts and materials about Learning Environments and how to turn Universities into more meaningful experiences.


Since teenage time I am interested on how people learn. It has always been a curiosity about how do spaces like schools are shaped and how it impacts on people engagement with knowledge.

While most of my colleagues took those rules and structures for granted, I was trying to understand all of it, as one try to understand the rules of a board game.

The question that came was always: “how do I give to you (teacher/school) what you want so I can do what I like to do?”. “What are the minimum rules that I have to fulfil so you can leave me alone to explore what I like?”.

No, I was not an easy student.

I studied Design and graduated with a project on e-learning for social workers, co-founded the biggest crowd-learning platform in Brazil and wrote my master thesis on how to Hack Education. Since 8 years I am teaching in Universities in Brazil and Germany about Design and working as Service Designer/Designer for companies like SDN, Deutsche Telekom and SAP and Design Thinking coach at the HPI School of Design Thinking (on the program directed to professionals and companies).

I even founded my own course, Being Visual where I teach people how to draw and think visually. These experiences culminate in a intense reflection about design education, learning environments, learning tools and cognition.

About the Publication

The publication Hacking Actions will bring content, tools and other materials about Designing Learning Environment and re-thinking education. The perspective is from a designer interested in how people learn and how we can make learn a different experience.

You can start here: Introduction.

Let me know what you think and what you would like to see me covering.

Looking forward for your feedback.

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