Using Micro-Frontends to Permanently Solve the Legacy JavaScript Problem

Legacy is a constant in JavaScript. Here’s how we solved it

May 11, 2018 · 7 min read
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Legacy hurts your career and your business in surprising ways

Struggling to Migrate a large AngularJS app

So we faced a choice:

1. We could throw it all away and start again.

2. We could upgrade to Angular 5 using Google’s (ugly) upgrade path

3. The Awesome option — We could use micro-frontends

Permanently solving Legacy with Micro-Frontends

Adding some Ducks

() => document.location.hash.startsWith(“#/reports”)

All New Features are Greenfield.

How this helps our users

So what’s next?

Hacking Talent

Beamery .. where we engineer, design and produce talent

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