Branding through UX

Tips and tricks to kick-start your startup’s UX and branding process for a better ROI.

Creating the ideal visual design

Good visual design is not just a cosmetic solution for wireframes. Defining a “good” visual or brand design is the same as defining a good product — sometimes it’s the same thing. A “good” design is based on actual human needs, and has a rational purpose. It should be based on an organized process so it meets your business and marketing objectives, and effectively transmits a clear message. A good design is a functional solution which adds value to a better user experience.

The product’s visual design is a translation of the brand’s language to the interactive digital world. Branding positions a product in the marketplace, clarifies its identity, and gives it an added value. Therefore, if you don’t have solid branding or if it isn’t clarified enough, your company is losing out from missed opportunities.

The UX and branding processes are very similar, and have 5 main steps:
1. Research & Discovery
2. Defining the Brand Attributes
3. Creation
4. Decision Making
5. Implementation and development support

User flow from one of my recent projects

Working with designers

UX and Branding aren’t strangers, in fact, they should be made within the same process by similar methods, so that eventually everything will work together in one complete package.

Finding the right designer or agency for your product can be very frustrating. But if you provide the designers with good insights and input, it can ease the process. They’ll get to know your product better and understand your business and user needs so they can offer the right solutions. Introducing a focused brief to the designers can be very helpful and contributes to better dialogue from the beginning of the process, creating a more productive atmosphere.

In the upcoming posts, I’ll explain each step and reveal some tips which will help enrich the branding process for lean start-ups, and can contribute to a better ROI.

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