HUI Weekly Roundup #173: Introducing Airbnb’s React-Sketchapp library, The all-new Framer, Marketing: Tactics vs. strategy

Curated on Thursday April 27, 2017 by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner

Hey everyone,

This week we had an amazing Master Class with Chris Heilmann and we already are set with our next master class — coming at you on June 7th! It will be on a super interesting topic: The UX principals of Embodiment in VR.

Read about it and sign up to the session here → (it’s 100% free and online)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Yours Truly,
Sagi & David
Founders, Hacking UI

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P.S. We were overwhelmed by how many of you pre-ordered CurationKit, thank you so much! We are sure you’ll enjoy it, and soon have exciting news to share about it. Stay tuned for the email about it.

Links coming at you in 3,2,1…

Product Design


Gemini 2 — an awesome app (that Sagi bought and uses regularly) that finds and removes duplicate files

Our next Master Class: Avatar embodiment in VR
#VR by Hacking UI

Airbnb’s new open source library: React-Sketchapp
#DESIGN_SYSTEMS by Airbnb Design

A visual introduction to machine learning

Applications of machine learning for designers
#MACHINE_LEARNING by Smashing Magazine

Unexpected consequences of using AI meeting schedulers
#AI by Alex Fishman — Dann Petty interviews amazing freelance designers across the US
#FREELANCING by Dann Petty

Designing the all-new Framer
#PROTOTYPING by Framer Team

How to meet user expectations for Artificial Intelligence
#AI by Salesforce UX

Illustrating a more human brand at Dropbox
#ILLUSTRATION by Dropbox Design

Shopify Polaris- beautifully designed guidelines w/ free downloads

Service Design Thinking
#UX by Marc Stickdorn

Designing from the car: Why context matters
#UX by Uber Design

What every design student needs to know as a budding professional

Front End Development


Free eBook: How to start a WordPress maintenance business

Best UI frameworks for your new React.js app
#REACT_JS by Vladimir Metnew

Getting started with CSS Grid Layout
#CSS_GRID by Hackernoon



Use this micro-copy exercise to improve any newsletter sign up form

Building a startup? Build an audience, first — article by Ryan Hoover

How to SQUISH IT on ProductHunt
#MARKETING by 500 Startups

Great article on Marketing Communications — Don’t confuse tactics with strategy
#COMMUNICATIONS by steve blank of Startup Grind

The Uncategorizables


Inspirograph — this thing is not going to teach you anything — but it’s just too much fun

Annotable — Annotation app for iOS

#hackinGIF of the week

Created by Noam Liss

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