HUI Weekly Roundup #175: Tips on writing tidy code, Sketch 44 Beta — in depth, Avatar embodiment in VR

Curated on Thursday May 11, 2017 by Sagi Shrieber and David Tintner

Hey Hackers,

This week we have two updates for you:

1. We have a new upcoming Master Class about a super interesting topic — UX for VR, and specifically on a hot topic called VR Embodiment.
You can sign up here → (it’s free and online)

2. Regarding CurationKit — we’re going to pick one person who purchases during the pre-sale to bring into a special mentorship and promotion program in which we’ll personally help them each week to launch and grow their newsletter.

The pre-order ends soon, so hurry up and get it if you’d like to have the chance.
All details can be found here →

Yours Truly,
Sagi & David
Founders, Hacking UI

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Links coming at you in 3,2,1…

Product Design


Get a free .design domain of your choice, no cc required
#FREEBIES by Top Level Design

Our next Master Class: Avatar embodiment in VR
#VR by Hacking UI

Interesting fact: Most punching sounds in movies are made with… well… vegetables
#SOUND_DESIGN by Khoi Vinh

Sketch 44 Beta — in depth

Why is the ‘log in’ button always hidden so good?
#SIGN_UP_FORMS by Inspr_Blog

Great article on why the mobile-everything pattern and why it sucks
#DESIGN_PATTERNS by Oliver Brooks

The only tools you need in order to start sketching today
#SKETCHING by Rizwan Javaid

Getting design done with — manage assets and easily proof your work

Design with your own growth in mind
#DESIGN_AND_GROW by Atlassian Design

The researcher’s journey: Leveling up as a user researcher
#UX_RESEARCH by PlanGrid

Sketch 44 resizing: How does it work?
#SKETCH by UX Power Tools

Killer user onboarding starts with a story
#ONBOARDING by Samuel Hulick — get free, custom sized box templates in PDF and SVG format
#PACKAGING by Template Maker

Front End Development


Replace only specific glyphs of a font using a different font in CSS
#CSS by Jake Archibald

Great tips to writing tidy code by Harry Roberts
#TIDY_CODE by Harry Roberts

Understanding Node.js Event-Driven Architecture
#NODE_JS by Samer Buna

Programming is hard, so make your day harder and learn it
#LEARN_TO_CODE by freeCodeCamp



The best part of my day is drinking tea and reading
#HABITS by Jon Westenberg

The Uncategorizables


Unsplash now has a free API — wow so many app ideas!
#PHOTOGRAPHY by Unsplash