I’m visiting San Fran and NYC — who’s up for coffee?

Hey everyone, so… I‘ll be visiting SF and NY in the next couple of weeks.

So, why am I writing here about this? well:

  1. I’ll be happy to meet great designers and makers in the area. I’ll be able to meet in SF — Nov 15th–18th, and NY 22nd to 24th. Let me know if you’d like to grab a coffee/beer via twitter (@SagiShrieber) or by email sagi [at] hackingui.com
  2. I’m hosting two Hacking UI meetups, in both SF and NY.
    RSVP to SF (Mon 16th) →
    RSVP to NY(Tue 24th) →
  3. The meetups are sponsored by Invision and Similarweb, and in SF it’s with the cooperation of Design&Startups group.

That’s about it :)

Hope to see you soon! :)
- Sagi

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