Syllabus for the Side Project Accelerator

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“After working on our side project for the past two and a half years, we were able to quit our jobs and do it full time. Now it’s your turn, and we’ll help you get there! We will mentor you to follow your passion, build your personal brand, put yourself out there and teach you everything we learned about making passive income.”

- David Tintner & Sagi Shrieber

Prep Work: Identify your passion

What is your passion? What will make you happy RIGHT NOW? What is your missed opportunity?

Week #1: Get yourself out there

Introduction to Audience Driven Product Development and to the content-based side project approach. Tips on finding the right format, getting your loved ones on board, creating your routine, and building your personal brand.

  • Talk about creating a routine and setting aside time for you to work on your side project (talking with loved ones, etc.)
  • The importance of building a web presence for yourself and your brand, so that each thing you try is just an experiment. You still have your audience if that particular experiment fails (Personal branding)
  • How to consume content- blogs, audio books, podcasts (book club/ reading list will help with this)
  • Launch a blog/ website and begin writing
  • Create social media accounts, announce to the world that you are doing this

Week #2: Build your audience

Setting up and growing a mailing list

  • Set up a mailchimp account
  • Integrate signup to your list on your site
  • Determine what content you will send
  • Sign up for successful mailing lists and look at what experienced people are already doing
  • Prepare email templates and send first email
  • Tactics of building audience through blog posts and other mediums. We will learn about content upgrades, tools, and more.

Week #3: Get your writing on!

Creating and maximizing content

  • How to write more, faster
  • Different types of posts and the purpose of each
  • Where and how to promote them
  • How to reach out to thought leaders, brands, companies and get them to share
  • Repurposing content

Week #4: Level up with automation


  • Writing scripts in Google Apps
  • Give them the tools that we’ve built and teach how to use them
  • Use codersclan for short coding projects, if can’t do it yourself

Week #5: Build your army

How to outsource and do more for less

  • How to interview and hire a VA
  • How to work with remote/ outsourced people effectively
  • How to train them
  • How to ensure that you are getting more than your money’s worth

Week #6: No more free lunch

Learning to sell, and starting to make money

  • What can you sell? What’s the available real estate?
  • Finding leads quickly and effectively
  • Setting prices, maximizing sales
  • Cold emails, templates, follow ups
  • What’s worth it and what content is not worth the money now
  • Services and automatic methods

Week #7: Attack from all sides

Podcasting & other forms of content to engage with your audience

  • Setting up a podcast on itunes, soundcloud, simplecast
  • Set up equipment and record first episode
  • Content and topics
  • Getting guests
  • Using audio for content upgrades on your blog
  • Video and options for live broadcasts

Week #8: Laying the groundwork

Prepare for the future

  • Revisit your user journey, what can be improved?
  • Set goals for the following 8 weeks
  • Reaching your users and getting feedback
  • Something to invigorate your community? Plan something huge like an event, giveaway, product launch, etc.

Week #9 (Over Time): Demo Day

You will be presenting your progress to the rest of the group. Format is to be determined.

Questions? Feel free to shoot us a tweet @hackingui, or email to holla[at]

How much does this cost?


The price for the program is $996

  • Refund: 4 weeks in and still don’t feel the value this program is bringing into your life? We’ll give you a 100% refund. That’s how strongly we believe in the value we can delive

I’m Ready to Apply, Now What?


well, just make sure you sign up at and we’ll let you know when we start receiving applications!

Yours Truly

Sagi & David