The best Medium accounts to follow for side project entrepreneurs

Hey there folks. I hope you forgive me for today’s listicle, but I’ve written a new post for 16 days straight and this is the first one. I tried not to make the title too click-baity either.

I hope this list will be valuable for you because it sure is for me. These are the accounts that I look to for inspiration, encouragement, and self improvement. Moreover, Medium is seriously lacking in the discovery department. It’s difficult to find good accounts to follow, and this list took me a long time to come up with.

I’m extremely interested in side projects now because I’m working so heavily on The Side Project Accelerator, so in choosing who to feature here I picked people that write about things that have helped me in those endeavors. That’s a pretty wide range of subjects, but includes mostly: writing, time management, productivity, entrepreneurship, marketing, self improvement and managing people. I also love design, and web development, so a few leaders in those fields slipped in.

Some of these authors are names that you’ll immediately recognize, but I tried to add a few of my favorites that are less well known. I also took into consideration how frequently the author publishes new articles on Medium. There were a lot of cases of excellent authors who were left off the list because they don’t publish enough.

Most of these authors are difficult to categorize in just one or two of those subjects so I tried to add a quick blurb about what they do and why I like them, but that doesn’t mean that I discussed everything that they write about. When in doubt, hit the follow button on them. You won’t be disappointed.

The Rock Stars

Jason Zook

Jason is a productivity animal and constantly has a new product or course coming out. He does everything in the most creative way possible, such as getting paid to wear your shirt, selling his last name and most recently selling his future (which I bought). He was on the Hacking UI podcast a few weeks ago, and I learned a ton from him.

Tucker Max

He’s the asshole turned CEO and an incredible writer. I’ve read two of Tucker’s books and love following him on Medium for his insights into writing and the publishing industry, as well as building a personal brand and why that’s important.

Geoff Teehan

Geoff discusses design, UX and management, but my favorite posts of his are the ones on personal reflection and self improvement. He wrote a particularly great one after doing yoga for 60 days straight.

Tomas Laurinavicius

His writing is spot on for side project entrepreneurs covering topics such as working remotely, being a digital nomad, and just straight up getting shit done, digitally of course. He was the CEO of Despreneur until recently.

Tobias van Schneider

Known for being a designer, but he writes about much more. Tobias shares thoughts on side projects, both for profit and not, writing and self improvement. He’s also discussing VR a lot these days.

Paul Jarvis

Paul is a maker and a doer, and has been self employed for years now. Almost everything he writes is pure gold. He has a lot of thoughts on validating and building products, growing an audience and finding a way to work so that you enjoy your life.


He’s been writing for a while and is the co-author of several books. Now He and Jason Fried moved their blog to Medium and he publishes frequently. He writes primarily about handling yourself and your emotions, programming, business and culture.

Jason Fried

Jason is the CEO of Basecamp and one of the most followed authors on Medium. His posts are short and easy to consume, and each one has a major takeaway.

Jeff Goins

He discusses writing and building a personal brand, among other things. I really liked his post on why you’re never satisfied with your writing.

Julie Zhuo

Julie writes about building products, career, management, design and time management. She publishes frequently in her publication, The Year of the Looking Glass.

John Lee Dumas

I found out about John from his excellent podcast, Entrepreneur on Fire. His Medium posts are usually short thoughts on business and managing yourself.

Cameron Moll

Cameron has an interesting background and that makes for interesting articles. He founded and ran Authentic Jobs for years, and just recently joined Facebook.

Nir Eyal

Nir is the author of “Hooked: how to build habit forming products”, and writes frequently about understanding the user. He also has incredible insights related to user experience, on-boarding and marketing with lots of actionable takeaways.

Gary Vaynerchuk

The CEO of VaynerMedia and an all around business man. He’s always up to date on the latest trends in social media and marketing and through his Medium account shares a combination of articles and videos.

Sujan Patel

His articles are about entrepreneurship, personal branding and creating content. I particularly liked his advice on helping others.

This is the 16th article in the series of my 30-day writing challenge. 16 straight articles man, that’s hard work. Throw me a bone and hit that big fat ❤ to keep me going. I’d also love to hear what you think, so shoot me a tweet.