Why we’re changing the Hacking UI newsletter

Today I want to share with you some news about a big change we’re making to our weekly newsletter. Our newsletter is the core of Hacking UI and it was the very first thing we did more than three years ago.

It’s evolved a lot over the years, but we’ve decided that we’re going to strip it down and bring it back to what it used to be — just the best links for designers and developers each week, nothing more.

The weekly curated links email started out as a small newsletter for Sagi’s Israeli design blog (pixelperfect.co.il). As we launched Hacking UI and started sending this to designers and developers around the world it grew and so did Hacking UI.
We eventually started doing more and more stuff for the community. In the beginning we would just add a link to our own stuff in the list of links. But we felt that one link mixed in with all of the other links of the week didn’t do it justice. We work hard on our original articles, podcast episodes, products and events, and we do it all to provide our loyal readers the most value we possibly can.
So we started writing about our own stuff in a paragraph at the top of the email, but we had so much news that top paragraph quickly turned into a 3 or 4 or 5 paragraph monster. The list of links also grew and the topics started to expand. All of this information in one email was just too much to handle.

This was an important lesson for us, and for all other newsletter owners- take note. There is a maximum amount of information that people can consume in one email. If you exceed that, even if it’s with valuable content, it still decreases the value of your email. 
So we’ve found a way to fix that. We will be splitting our original content from curated content.

From now on the curated links email every Thursday will be simple and easy to scan. It’s only purpose is to bring you the best news and resources for designers and front-end developers, saving you the time of having to sift through all of the content out there yourself.

Now for our own articles, podcast episodes, news and updates: We will start sending out ‘Weekly Updates’ email on Mondays. This is where you can learn what we’re up to, and stay up to date on stuff like our latest podcast episodes, articles, products and more.

We completely understand that some people don’t want another email though, and if that’s the case, no hard feelings at all. You can opt out of it immediately, and get just the curated links email. There’s a link to update your preferences in every email we send.

If you’re not yet part of the Hacking UI community, you can join 22,000 other designers and front-end developers that get our emails.

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