“I really want to go to a Hackathon, but I have no coding experience.”

We get questions all the time that sound something like this. For all of you out there who have ever hesitated about going to a Hackathon because you have little or no coding experience, meet Alyssia Jovellanos.

Alyssia is our Director of Relations and Sponsorship. She is also the McMaster Computer Science Society President, Microsoft Student Ambassador, and winner of three separate hackathons. And as a second year, Alyssia is just getting started. Why am I telling you this? Well here’s the thing: Just last year, Alyssia was, in her own words, just another “starry eyed noob”. She jumped in to her first hackathon at Yale with zero coding skills, and that was where it all began.

So here’s the point. For all you beginner coders out there, do not let the fact that you are a beginner be a source of genuine concern when embarking on your next adventure. Alyssia is far from being the only one for which this story is relevant. Before anyone became great at anything, before anyone built anything interesting or important, they were just as starry eyed and inexperienced as you are now. What took them to where they are now was that they threw caution at the wind and worked for what they wanted.

Mark Twain once said that 20 years from now you will be a lot more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the things you did. So fill out that Hackathon application you’ve had sitting on your desktop, pack your bag, and come join us on our next hacking adventure!

Apply for our very own hackathon,
DeltaHacks, at McMaster University: deltahacks.com

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