Local Hack Day at McMaster — Recap

As some of you may or may not know, on the first sunday of reading week this past October 11, 2015 a savvy squad of students bravely convened in the echoing halls on the second floor of IAHS. They ate pizza, had savvy conversations, and for the most part stared intensely at their computer screens. It may seem at first glance no different from your average gathering of university students. But this day was special. This day had a name. It was Local Hack Day.

Local Hack Day is special because it is the optimal temperature for learning and discovery. It’s even better than MDCL. With diversely experienced developers all around to help out and pizza to power our brains, it was not hard to see the wonders that collaboration can do when it comes to learning new things. Among the skills being acquired were Bootstrap, Android, and Python. One hardy engineer even started learning IOS that morning, and within hours was flaunting her sleek new numbers game built from scratch.

On top of all that was learned, one must not overlook everything that was created as well. Three musketeers, @MikhailTheGreat, @JacobyJoukema, and @D1g1talAli3n made some super groovy animated Javascript backgrounds that could be embedded into websites. Check out their video! http://t.co/Po2XmvVDM2 And also their js: thebackgroundfactory.github.io/thebgfactory/

And just to fill all that didn’t attend with a sense of regret, (if you don’t have one already), in addition to the usual swag comprised of stickers and buttons, we also got selfie sticks!! The selfie stick, as you may already be aware, sits alongside Google’s self-driving cars as one of the most innovative inventions of the century. With a clamp for your phone situated at the end of a long stick and a magical button, it provides people with short arms the freedom to take breathtaking photographs of mountains, waterfalls, the president eating samosas, (you name it) all with the face of your’s sincerely in the image!

As a preventative remedy against that sense of regret I know you are all experiencing right now, be sure to come out to our next event!!

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