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Manage Your Social Media Like a Rockstar with Planable

Planable is a unified tool to create, schedule and review your social media posts. With a highly intuitive interface and useful features for small and large organizations, Planable is you’re next no-brainer software purchase.

Planable is a Unified Platform for Managing Social Media

Getting Started with Planable

Unlike many SaaS tools out there, Planable offers a completely free version of their product. It is limited to 50 posts so eventually you’re going to have to upgrade to the Starter plan, but by that time it’s going to be quite clear why it’s worth spending $33/month to keep using the platform.

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Setting Up My Own Brand

In Planable, I can setup “companies” and “workspaces”. Each workspace is used for a different brand within the same company. This is particularly relevant to agencies that manage more than one company or brand, but there have been cases where I managed multiple brands and social accounts for the same business. These days I’m focused on a single brand for a single company which means the free and starter plans will work just fine. I can actually have as many companies and workspaces I want in the free plan, I’m just limited to 50 total posts. When I upgrade to to Starter, I’ll get unlimited posts but only 1 workspace. If I need more than that, I’d have to jump to Premium (unlimited posts, 5 workspaces) or Enterprise (unlimited posts, custom # of workspaces).

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Creating and Organizing Social Content

Planable has done an amazing job making the post composer look and work almost exactly like their respective editor in each social platform. I’m able to select one or more connected accounts and compose a single piece of content and it’s automatically formatted for each platform. For example, I started composing a Facebook post and could instantly add LinkedIn without having to make any changes.

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Views, Organization, Scheduling and Review

Earlier in this article I mentioned that I wouldn’t be covering much of the review or collaboration features because we’re a small team right now. But after using the product a bit more I actually see the benefits for our team of three. I’m easily able to invite a collaborators, which I did. Usually the two of us are posting in a silo. This works ok, but now the we’re able to see what the other is working on. In several cases we each had feedback for one another that lead to better content. For larger organizations the collaboration might be partly around building better creative, but also for approvals and QA. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive it turns out.

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So Much Attention to Detail

I’ve already pointed out a few aspects of the software that demonstrate how well built Planable is. The user interface is clean, straightforward and flexible. I’m able to manage various aspects of the system, from creation, scheduling, feedback and approval from multiple vantage points. This applies to different views, but also from various editing screens. For example, scheduling can be done from the content composer screen, inline on the feed view, from the editor modal and a half dozen other places. Media and copy can be changed from multiple locations as well as comments/approvals. This all speaks to the Planables design thinking. They know that social media management can be overwhelming just on its own. They’ve designed their software to work the way people work — dynamically and from multiple angles.

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There is a lot more to Planable than I’ve covered in this review. I’ve really only scratched the surface. But I think I’ve showcased enough to demonstrate the tools power, flexibility and simplicity. Turns out the software is actually more useful for smaller teams than I originally thought. It’s pretty clear that we’re going to surpass the first 50 posts limiter on the free account fairly quickly, but everything worthwhile costs. The $33/month starter plan is more than enough for our team to keep jamming for the foreseeable future.



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