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HackMentalHealth Yale’s Collegiate Mental Health Hackathon Recap

Including links to the finalists’ winning proposals

It’s a wrap! HackMentalHealth’s first collegiate hackathon is over, filled with passion, laughter, and lots and lots of code! Read more to find out about the event including the top winners below!

The Winners

Each of the hackathon winners wrote their own blog post detailing the redesign proposal. You can find the links below.

Shout out to our incredible judges:

  • Dr. Vinod Srihari, Associate Professor of Psychiatry
  • Dr. Seth Feuerstein, Director of Yale Center for Digital Health
  • Solome Tibebu, Mental Health Tech Expert
  • Dr. Howard Forman, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, Yale University
  • Sri Muthu, CEO of HealthVenture Corporation
  • Dr. Sofia Noori, Psychiatry Resident PGY2

Our Incredible Partners

This event would not have been possible without our incredible partners and sponsors, from a variety of backgrounds.

How Do I Join?

It doesn’t end here. We send a monthly newsletter and continued events throughout the year, but we need your help. Please join us in this movement.


Here’s how you can get even more involved:

The Yale hackathon was led and organized by an incredible group of Yale undergraduates and graduates, led by Tony Xu.

The intersection of technology and mental health. Want to write a story? Submit at http://bit.ly/2E6oGji

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