Blueprint 2016: Behind the Scenes

This is a photoblog of behind-the-scenes photos taken at Blueprint! The photos were taken by Anish, and the captions were written by Anish and Claire, HackMIT / Blueprint organizers.

We swear this photo wasn’t staged.
The swag bag stuffing sweatshop running in Maseeh Hall on the night before Blueprint.
Jason leading the caravan of food and swag from Blueprint director Kim’s room in Maseeh to the Stata Center.
Logan, up bright and early on Saturday morning, taking a ride in the cargo bay of the U-Haul.
Masa helping Lucia set up the vertical banners she designed.
Jason posing with Lucia and Masa’s completed banners.
Stef reacting to Logan’s discovery of the siren feature on the walkie-talkies.
Edwin working on his tech talk… about an hour before delivering it.
Check-in for the learnathon, with everyone hard at work (and Logan with a box on his head).
Jessy, team event photographer, capturing from afar the swarm of hackers descending on Saturday’s lunch.
Ben, our team calligraphist, creating chalk art in the Mentor Lounge.
Logan bodysurfing on 1000 lbs of supplementary snacks and water for the hackathon.
Jack hacking on a script after we realized we needed to message 250 hackers who were spread out all over Stata.
Claire and Fernando taking a well-earned vertical nap after two long days on their feet.

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