Blueprint 2016 Results

Thanks so much to everyone who came to Blueprint, HackMIT’s high school learnathon and hackathon! It was such a pleasure to see so many bright students working on such cool projects. The teams below were selected through our judging system as this year’s Blueprint winners. Here are their descriptions of their hacks:

Main Division

The CV Pong team.

CV-Pong is a variation on the classic game of pong. Instead of a boring 2D space, CV-Pong is played in 3D, with the player’s perspective behind their paddle. Players control their paddle using blue gloves and their laptop’s webcam (the CV in CV-Pong stands for computer vision). The webcam picks up and tracks the hand of the player wearing blue glove using OpenCV and Python.

The 3D Mouse team.

3D Mouse is a new dimension of interaction between computers. Using the 3D mouse app, we use Bluetooth to control the mouse on your computer screen with a smartphone in your hand up to 50 feet away. It can also take a window opened on one computer and transfer the window to another using gesture control.

The Gravity Four team.

Gravity Four is a competitive, two-player game requiring skill, intellect, and a little bit of luck. The goal of Gravity Four is to create a ‘four-in-a-row’ pattern on a 7x7 grid game board — horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Each turn, the player makes a choice; he can either drop one of his chips down a column in the grid board, or he can choose to rotate the board, and the chips will fall into a new position. Gravity Four can be played either on the same device with the ‘Pass-and-Play’ option or across two devices with Online Multiplayer.

Rookie Division

The Rhythm Dance team.

Rhythm Dance is a Guitar Hero-like game which challenges users by forcing them to press arrow keys in time to important rhythms in the song playing in the background. A bar at the top of the screen displays how much health the player has. If the player misses the rhythm by pressing the key too early or too late, or not at all, health is deducted from the health bar. If the player presses the arrow keys in time to the rhythm instead, a small amount of health is added to the health bar. The player wins upon reaching the end of the song and loses upon running out of health.

The Recess team.

Recess is a web app that compares your Google Calendar with your friends’ calendars to find the best, most available time for you all to hang out. You can have separate groups for different friends, such as a work group, sports team, school, etc. We are just trying to simplify the process of friends getting together.

The BumpShare team.

BumpShare is an app intended to reduce time wasted making new contacts. As social media becomes more prevalent, making new connections requires sharing a slew of contact information — now, rather than name and address, it has become email, Facebook, Instagram… bumpShare is a solution for Android phones, in which two phones running the app can “bump” to share the contact info necessary.

Thanks to all the hackers for hacking, mentors for mentoring, judges for judging, and organizers for organizing! Blueprint 2016 was great, and we’re looking forward to further hacks to come.