Introducing HackMIT Dev Office Hours

Our Open-Source Hackathon Software

On the HackMIT organizing team, we write a lot of our own software to improve our event and help it run more smoothly. In the spirit of open collaboration, we have open-sourced nearly all our projects, which are available on Here are a few:

We use HELPq, a real-time mentor queue system, to completely automate mentorship at our event.
We use Gavel, an expo judging system, to fully automate judging at our event, from judge dispatch to rank computation.

We will soon be open-sourcing our registration system and our hardware checkout system, which are currently in beta. Email us at if you would like early access.

Office Hours

We’d love to see others use and contribute to open-source software for hackathons! To answer any questions about our projects, we are holding dev office hours. We can also discuss how we can collaborate with your organization to build better software for hackathons.

Sign up for office hours here. If you would like to collaborate, email us at!