Software for Hackathons

Given that the HackMIT organizing team is mostly computer science majors, it’s only logical that when we encounter a problem, we look to software to solve it. And when it doesn’t exist (or doesn’t work the way we want it to), we build our own. Over the last few years we’ve built a ton of software, both for internal and external use. We’re happy to release all of our internal and external tools as open-source software, catalogued at contains information on all of HackMIT’s open-source software, including the help queue and judging system.

Though all hackathon organizers tend to encounter similar problems, too often we end up creating isolated solutions. We should collaborate to solve them with robust, maintainable software.

We invite you to use our software and contribute to it! And if you’re interested in working on larger-scale projects more closely than just through GitHub pull requests, please contact us at — we’d love to work with you!