Experience at Hackon 2.0 by Team Innovatica

Manav Bansal
Jun 22 · 2 min read

Good Morning Folks!! It’s Manav Bansal on this side. Currently a Post Graduation Student. I am here to share our team experience for Hackon 2.0. Our team grabbed the prize for “Best Use of Linode”.

Hackon 2.0 was a fully virtual Hackathon organized by the Hackon Foundation from 28th May 2021 to 30th May 2021. Let me discuss our project in short.


With hospitals being overly crammed daily with patients in nations heavily hit by COVID-19, such as India, maintaining clear records of patients has never been so important before. Any past vaccinations and major prescriptions a patient has undertaken cannot be discounted as factors towards reactions from the SARS-CoV-2 virus and appropriate vaccines. To help hospitals, clinics, and individual physicians every day with their sanity, this simple web app has all of them covered by securely keeping patient records safe and quickly accessible anytime and anywhere.

The magic happens with Datastax Astra storing replicas of all patient data as slices across separate nodes to ensure high availability. Furthermore, SAWO labs login interface adds an additional layer of security with passwordless login through email. These features work together to make the web app trustworthy to both physicians and patients.


So we wanted it to be extremely simple. The frontend was developed in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap. We used SAWO Labs for the authentication for Login and Signup by users. Then at the backend, we used GraphQL and MariaDB to integrate the database. We also used Linode to host the project on the web.


Our Team consisted of 2 two Beginner Hackers to whom we explained the concept of what goes on in Virtual Hacks. The second problem came with the Time-Zone difference. Only two folks could work at a time during the Hack.

Other problems came with the Backend stuff. We were not aware of the database work only Caijun Qin knew about it. So he explained to us about the database.


Participation in the Hackon 2.0 was seriously fun. It was altogether a new experience for us to work in parts. We learned a lot of new stuff about Hackathons, some new technologies like Linode, SAWO Labs, MariaDB, etc.

We always seek the help of mentors available in servers and they were very helpful. Moreover, we googled out stuff we wanted to and learned a lot.

During the hackathon, we also participated in Mini-Events by MLH and Hackon and all were very good. I won in one of the MLH mini-event :)


  1. Linode is basically a cloud hosting company to host our projects. You can check more about Linode on https:www.linode.com
  2. HackOn is a fully online, one of the largest people-focused hackathons where young minds possessing a passion for solving real-life problems come together to build an innovative solution. You can check more about Hackon on https:www.hackon.tech
  3. Mentors during Hackon
  4. SAWO Labs

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