Data for transportation and mobility

Pollicy and Hacks/Hackers Africa co-hosted a Data Club Uganda meetup in Kampala to bring data enthusiasts together and share knowledge.

Opening remarks by Pollicy founder Neema Iyer

By Jennifer Atim

Pollicy, together with Dalberg Data Insights and Code for Africa, hosted the third Data Club get together on 29 November 2018 at Hive Colab on Kanjokya House in Kampala. The event was combined with a Hacks/Hackers meetup, a monthly event for data enthusiasts organised by Code for Africa in partnership with Pollicy. The theme for this edition of the Data Club was “Data for Transportation and Mobility”

The event began with opening remarks from Neema Iyer, the founder, and Director of Pollicy, who gave a brief introduction of the organisation and its projects. This was followed by a presentation from Data Delberg Insights, who introduced the AIDA (Action Insights Data Platform) which was created in partnership with the United Nations Capital Development Fund and the Belgian Government. AIDA was launched to hasten the use of private and public data sources and to create an all-inclusive data ecosystem while complying with regulations and certifying privacy. This session was presided by Rositsa Zaimova from Data Delberg Insights.

The second presenter was Isaac Menya from Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), who spoke about the Importance of data in Road Asset Management and Transport planning. He showcased how UNRA uses data to strategise and develop feasible solutions in the transport industry in Uganda. They base all on their decisions on data findings.

SafeBoda’s Kirk Agbenyegah presents on how to use Optimize Ride Hailing

Next to speak was by Kirk Agbenyegah from SafeBoda, who presented on the usage of Data to Optimize Ride Hailing. SafeBoda is an organization whose aim is to modernise informal transportation and ensure safe access to mobility. SafeBoda showed how they use the data collected from clients to improve their services and advocate for change in the informal transportation industry.

Last to present was Code for Africa’s Phillip Theresa, who introduced attendants to the sensorsAFICA project and the air sensors the organisation has deployed across East Africa. The sensorsAFRICA project aims to empower citizens, newsrooms, civil watchdogs and government by providing them with the data and insights they need to enable them to advocate for cleaner air and a healthier environment.

The Data Club and Hacks/Hackers meetup was well attended and we received a lot of positive feedback from attendants. We’re certainly looking forward to more Data Club and Hacks/Hackers partnerships in 2019!


Jennifer Atim is the Community Development Lead at Pollicy.