What can I expect at the #HackTheHub Pre-Hack event?

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At #HackTheHub we recognize the potential for machine learning and artificial intelligence to make people’s lives better. There are hundreds of ways in which it will change lives.

Our #HackTheHub Pre-Hack will take place on Thurs 8th March 2018 at Ormeau Baths, kindly hosted by Barclays Eagle Lab. We will provide you with an opportunity to learn the theory behind Machine Learning & AI and get a glimpse as to what you can expect at #HackTheHub18.

What you will do:

1. Learn:

Machine Learning 101 — cover the core theory that drives Machine Learning (Jordan McDonald)
Deep Learning Techniques — Getting Started with Python & OpenCV (Steven Kennedy)

2. Train:

Use your new skills to train your machine to leverage real-life datasets and gain insight into some of the hacker challenges you will be facing at #HackTheHub18.

3. Create:

Get ready to take part in #HackTheHub on 24th & 25th March where you’ll team up and put your new knowledge into practice.

Workshops overview

Machine Learning & AI 101 — Foundations to using ML Techniques to leverage Datasets

Jordan will take you through from scratch the core theory that drives Machine Learning by leveraging a dataset of Pokémon (All of them!) as a mechanism to frame all the ideas presented. This presentation will be the perfect beginner’s slice of the Machine Learning pie, you will leave with an appreciation of the value of ML, the core concepts that drives this topic & better prepared to excel at the Hackathon.

Deep Learning Techniques — Getting Started with Python & OpenCV

Steven’s knowledge will provide a workshop on OpenCV, a cross-platform to library that can be utilised for Deep Learning, image processing, video capture and analysis such as face & object detection. 
As time is limited in hackathons, OpenCV is extremely quick to use, doesn’t require a high-performing computer and there is a ton of developer documentation to avail of.

Who is this for?

Ambitious, passionate individuals that are currently pursuing a career in tech. There is no degree requirement but if you have at least 1 year industry experience, have an interest in machine learning/AI, and a passion for the following subjects then you are going to get the most out of this.

  • Computer Science
  • Interaction Design
  • Front End Development
  • UX/UI
  • Product Management
  • Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Data Science

If you have any areas of concern around signing up then please reach out to me at conor@hackthehub.com and we can talk round if it’s a good fit for you.


Date: 6pm, Thurs 8th March 2018
Location: Barclays Eagle Lab, Ormeau Baths, Belfast 
18:00 — Registration
18:15 — Welcome
18:20 — Agenda 
18:30 — Machine Learning & AI 101
19:00 — BazaarVoice Challenge Overview
19:15 — Rapid7 Challenge Overview 
19:35 — Deep Learning Techniques
20:10 — #HackTheHub18 Code of Conduct
20:20 — Beer and Chat 
21: 00 — End

Hosted by: Barclays Eagle Labs

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