Ira Allen

One of the most difficult (and important) parts of planning a Hackathon is booking the venue. For Wentworth’s Hackathon, we were able to secure Ira Allen. Ira Allen is one of Wentworth’s most updated buildings. We bought the building in , for a dollar. Ira Allen hosts the Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics departments. Last year, Industrial design students at Wentworth displayed their work in there and it made for a truly amazing sight.

This is the Ira Allen forum where students are hard at work. This open space allows for group collaboration and creativity.

This is the other site of the forum and the floor makes for a great sight!

The next few pictures are of classrooms we will have availiable to all hackathon goers during the hackathon. As you can see we have interesting layouts which we hope will help the creativity flow.