Late-Night Boston Moshpits

Motionless In White

Hail and well-met fellow stressed college students! Welcome to the first blog post to go up while we anxiously prepared for our second go around of HackWITus. My name is Shawn Toubeau and I’m one of the organizing members on the team. I’m responsible for hacker experience (fancy title for making sure our attendees are happy) but right now I’m not going to bore you with the details of our weekly meetings or the struggles of planning a hackathon. No, I’m going to talk about what I do to help unwind and forget about my adult responsibilities, this week I’ll be talking about concerts!

For anyone who knows me they know that I’m a big metal head. I’ve roughly been to 40 shows since I first started going which was back in sophomore year of high school. My friend at the time invited me to see a band called Falling In Reverse for their Ronnie Radke’s 3 Ring Circus tour where they played the entirety of Escape The Fate’s Dying Is Your Latest Fashion album. Being a fan of both bands at the time I was stoked to see it performed live. I remember after the opener had finished playing the massive curtain hiding the stage dropped to reveal the band in front of the 300 or so people in the Boston House of Blues and lets just say the rest was history.

Fast forward to fall of junior year and me and the same friend were off to another show. That night we were seeing three bands called Miss May I, The Devil Wears Prada, and Motionless In White. I had heard a couple MMI and DWP songs before but this was going to be my first for Motionless. Of the first two acts I only remember the singer of MMI having this super long and wavy hair (which he totally rocked!) and DWP having a cool space themed video play in the background of their set. When Motionless took the stage the crowd went wild, they had a full Halloween/haunted house scene setup with a dozen jack-o-lanterns, their bass player Ghost wore a Mike Myers mask, the synth player Balz was up on a big hydraulic platform, and the leader singer Chris had these black leather creeper boots with 3 inch platforms and black latex pants. Motionless played a bunch of their songs off their new album Reincarnate and even covered Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer” making it a night to remember. I have tickets to see them next weekend so you know I’ll be jamming out to them all this week to hype myself up :).