Meet Ethan

Ethan Arrowood

Ethan Arrowood is a freshman whom I first met last summer during my time as an Orientation Leader. During the Computer Science breakout session we “nerded” out and I realized this student could really make a change here at Wentworth. When he joined the Computer Science Society, I did not realize how influential Ethan was going to be in our club. He has made waves on different places on campus including planning Wentworth’s very first Hackathon. Ethan has been essential in getting us connected with other people as well as being our residential “Node JS” expert.

What was you programming background before you came to college?

I started with web development in high school. I had a one-year experience at a web development marketing firm down in my hometown. I taught myself for two years and then I took one Intro to CS class in high school so, some rudimentary knowledge of Python and Java, but mainly web development.

Since you have started here, what kind of programming experience have you gained?

I have gained a big improvement on Node JS and React JS and then on top of that I have gotten way more into Java and recently getting into MatLab, R, and C throughout all my different classes.

What do you do outside of CSS?

Outside of Computer Science Society, I play Ultimate Frisbee for the Wentworth Concrete Jungle Team. I recently got accepted into the PSP fraternity, Wentworth’s honor fraternity, and I watch a lot of Netflix.

Why did you decide to get involved with the CSS club?

So, not only am I interested in CSS, but I love the leadership potential through the club as well as getting a big group of people all interested in the same thing. You know organizing them and getting them to do fun events like hackathon’s and hopefully build projects together at some point.

Was this the club you expected it to be?


When did you decide that you wanted to be involved in planning the hackathon?

Right from the start. I went to my first hackathon while here at Wentworth and went to one in Brandeis and I really liked the event so, I was definitely interested in planning my own and through the club it was the perfect opportunity to do that.

Why did you decide to become an organizer?

Well one, being in that position will show that I’m able to plan things, organize well and follow through with commitments. Secondly, I just love the idea of getting a large group of people together to do something that we all enjoy. Recently CS programs have been popping up and the hour of code getting younger children involved with coding. I really like the aspect of teaching more people and getting more people involved with programming.

What is your favorite part about planning the hackathon?

Definitely when I get all those Eventbrite emails when people are signing up — that’s pretty awesome and actually getting to reach out to different companies and getting to talk with people about sponship deals and getting stuff like that. Being the face of a really large event is really awesome.

What do you want to come out this hackathon?

Definitely for Wentworth’s name to get more spotlight for the CS program and we want to bring attention to Wentworth and the hackathon event itself so, we could do this again next year.

How does it feel to be a part of the first group of students to plan the first hackathon at Wentworth.

It’s pretty cool. It was very unexpecting being a freshman, coming in here and not having this done before and as a freshman being able to be there right at the start it’s pretty cool. Now I know that for the next three years I could do this.