Meet our Organizing Team

Organizing a hackathon requires a lot of help from people of different backgrounds. We wanted to acknowledge all the amazing people that have helped make this hackathon a reality.

A quick snap of HackWITus organizers
Hey yo I’m Dat Do, Head of Organizers for HackWITus (Although I honestly wish people would call me The Do). I am a sophomore majoring in CompSci with minor in Applied Math and Computer Networking. I am obsessed with efficiency so if we have a chance to talk, I’m pretty sure you will find me very “unusual”. I often view our world as a set of puzzles that need to be solved. That is why I want to have this Hackathon: to show how cool technology is in solving problems. Additionally, I want to see what happens when you place 150 enthusiastic, creative and brilliant minds in a building for 24 hours.
Hi! I’m Bethy Diakabana, Head of Hacker Experience. I’m a senior studying Computer Science with minors in Applied Math and Physics. Fun fact is that I love to do yoga early in the morning before going to classes (I sometimes try to write code while in downward dog). I wanted to organize this hackathon because there’s something special about creating a space where students of all disciplines can come together to bring their unique ideas to life, all while meeting new people and learning new things!
Hello I’m Ethan Arrowood, Head of Marketing. I am a freshmen studying Computer Science with minors in Applied Math and Business Management. My favorite music is metalcore and pop punk so you’ll probably find me listening to A Day To Remember, Beartooth, Crown The Empire, or Bring Me The Horizon during long coding sessions. I joined HackWITus because as much as I love programming, I love helping and teaching others, so what better way to do that than host a Hackathon! If you see me at HackWITus make sure to say hi and don’t forget that the answer to every question is Node JS.
Hi, my name is An Huynh, the Head of Finance. I’m a Sophomore in Computer Science with a minor in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Funny enough, I was originally a Computer / Electrical Engineering major. However, I decided to switch to Computer Science after being amazed by how much one can do with programming and am currently on my quest to master multiple coding languages. This is why I joined HackWITUs because I wanted to help inspire fellow college students and create an inclusive STEM based community both in Wentworth and across other schools in America. Going to my first hackathon was a life-changing experience for me, and I know it will be the same with you.
Hello. I’m Chris Joanis, a member of the HackWITus team. I’m a second year majoring in applied math with minors in computer science, bioinformatics, and communications. Learning is my favorite thing to do. Most people can mark me as a nerd by listening to me talk for >10 seconds. I joined the team to witness history and to see what a small team of dedicated students can accomplish. Hackathons also remind me of iconic ancient forums and libraries as places to exchange knowledge and make great ideas, and I think we should all promote this sort of thing.
Hi there! I’m Anna Khachaturova, sophomore Computer Science student at WIT and member of HackWITus organizing team. When I first heard that Computer Science Society wanted to host their own hackathon, I was immediately down to help as I believe that it would be a perfect opportunity for our community to grow and open more doors for the students. When I am not drinking all the coffee and yelling at my programs to work, I love anything that has to do with arts and crafts and cooking. If you see me during the hackathon, don’t be shy, say hi!
Hey! I’m James Coyne, a member of the HackWITus team. I’m a first-year computer science major, I am primarily interested in computer graphics, human-computer interaction, and AI. Unrelated to my major, I’m also very interested in music, art, design, and dabbing. I joined the HackWITus team to create an event that would provide a fun and educational environment for my peers as well as strengthen the local community, and develop new skill sets. I can also tie shoes impressively fast — if you see me at the hackathon feel free to ask me to teach you my technique!
Hello! My name is Shawn Toubeau, I am a freshman majoring in computer science, aiming to minor in electrical engineering as well. I have a passion for coding/computers because they are the biggest impact of everyday life and I believe that they will continue to influence the future for the better. I joined HackWitUs because not only I want to share my passion but I want to inspire others as well! A neat fact about me is that I worked on a team that built a micro-gravity scale for NASA so that astronauts could weight objects in space.
Hello. I’m Vlad Doster, a member of the HackWITus team. I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with a Computer Networking minor. Currently I am interested in computer vision and machine learning. Outside of computer science, you can find me tinkering with my 3D printer or playing a pickup game of soccer somewhere in Boston! I joined the hackWITus team to help create an inclusive environment that fosters creativity and collaboration for all skill levels.
Hey! My name is Christopher Thierauf, a freshman in computer science. I’ve been interested in computer science ever since I started playing with GNU/Linux, and that interest has led me to do a lot with robotics and cybersecurity. In my free time, I’m tinkering, either with code, electronics, or something mechanical — I’ve been lucky to grow up in a home that has all sorts of tools and supplies for that sort of thing! I joined the hackWITus team because of my love of sharing knowledge with others, and I’m hoping to help create an event that allows for all kinds of learning and discovery at all levels.
My name is Helene Casanova and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Applied Math. Something people often don’t realize about me is that I a big musician and can play three instruments as well as compose music. I decided to join to the Hackathon planning committee because I thought it would be amazing to be apart of the first group of students to bring about Wentworth’s first Hackathon.