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Carry Token & Token Sale Smart Contract Audit

HAECHI AUDIT successfully audits Carry Protocol Token and Token Sale smart contracts.

Carry team asked us to review and audit the Carry Token and Token Sale smart contracts. Carry Protocol makes personal data fair for consumers, marketers and merchants. We looked at the code and now publish our results.

The full report can be found in the link here, and a list of the found issues is as follows:

Audit Result

[Chart 1, Issue Classification]

Major Issue

MAJOR : Immediately transferring collected Ethereum during token sales may be seen as suspicious. (Found — v.1.0)

Minor Issues

MINOR : We recommend adding a limit to the array length of _beneficiaries in addAddressesToWhitelist. [Gas Overuse] [Wrong Argument] (Found — v.1.0)

MINOR : We recommend reverting if the constructor’s _whitelistGrades length is 0. [Gas Overuse] [Wrong Argument] (Found — v.1.0)

MINOR : It would be difficult for individual investors to withdraw tokens calling the CarryPublicTokenCrowdsale:withdrawTokens() function; we recommend allowing someone else to call the function and distribute the tokens. (Found — v.1.0)

MINOR : We recommend deleting _preValidatePurchase as it may not perform gas optimization using the given gas optimization logic. [Optimization][Code Optimization] (Found — v.1.0)


HAECHI AUDIT found one Major Issue and four Minor Issues. HAECHI AUDIT recommends that the Carry team resolve all of the issues found.

HAECHI AUDIT Official website: https://audit.haechi.io/

HAECHI AUDIT Twitter: https://twitter.com/haechi_audit


It is HAECHI AUDIT’s mission to help clients develop secure smart contracts by providing the most trustworthy security auditing services.

HAECHI AUDIT is a blockchain-specialized code security auditing service by HAECHI LABS. HAECHI LABS is a leading tech company within the blockchain industry based on its self-developed blockchain technology solutions and R&D capacity.

HAECHI AUDIT’s client list includes: major companies like Shinhan Bank, LG, SK Telecom and Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary (Ground X); and global cryptocurrency exchange institutes such as Bit-Z, Coinall (OKEx), KuCoin, Liquid, CPDAX, and Huobi Korea. Furthermore, we won the Ethereum Foundation Grant and were selected by Samsung Electronics’ startup incubation program (C-lab).

If you are interested in us, please follow our medium or join our team.🚀.

To request audit, please email audit@haechi.io.




HAECHI AUDIT is the leading smart contract security audit company founded top security experts. Trusted by the industry leaders, HAECHI AUDIT has reached strategic partnerships with global Exchanges and the Fortune global 500 enterprises.

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