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HAECHI LABS provides smart contract security audit for Klaytn, the mainnet launched by Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary.

HAECHI LABS, the blockchain technology company announced that they have provided smart contract security audit for Klaytn, the mainnet developed by Ground X.

Ground X, the Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary, recently launched their blockchain platform Klaytn. By having various DApp partners, Ground X is trying to expand their own ecosystem. Moreover, Klaytn governance council consists of global leading companies such as LG, netmarble, Celltrion who will be running the consensus nodes of Klaytn.

According to HAECHI LABS, they have audited the core smart contracts that are being used in the governance and token economy of Klaytn. More specifically, Ground X requested to HAECHI LABS for smart contract audit on the deployed contracts of the consensus nodes management and Klaytn improvement reserve.

In fact, this is not the first time that Ground X has partnered with HAECHI LABS to secure their smart contracts. In October last year, Ground X had requested smart contract audit to HAECHI LABS to secure the smart contracts that were developed for their PoC project. Based on these cases, HAECHI LABS is solidifying its position as an expert on Klaytn and smart contract audits.

An official from Ground X said “With smart contract security audit of HAECHI LABS, we could advance the security of Klaytn” and “since the early stage of Klaytn development, we have continued technological exchanges with HAECHI LABS which led to a successful launch of our mainnnet. And we will continuously partner with various groups to expand the Klaytn ecosystem.”

Jason Kim, CEO of HAECHI LABS said, “We are happy that we could contribute for the advancement of Kakao’s blockchain platform, Klaytn. With our smart contract security audit and blockchain tech solutions, we will contribute to the expansion of the Klaytn ecosystem together with Ground X.”

Meanwhile, HAECHI LABS recently launched new blockchain SaaS solution called Henesis. Henesis removes technological barriers that limit companies’ blockchain adoption and reduces cost and time involved in blockchain development. Among the four products that comprise Henesis, the data streams is currently in private beta for free.

HAECHI AUDIT Official website: https://audit.haechi.io/

HAECHI AUDIT Twitter: https://twitter.com/haechi_audit

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