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Klayswap Smart Contract Audit

HAECHI AUDIT successfully audits Klayswap smart contracts.

Klayswap Dev-team asked us to review and audit the Klayswap smart contracts. Klayswap is a DeFi service based on Klaytn. We looked at the code and now publish our results.

The full report can be found in the here, and a list of the found issues is as follows:

Audit Result

[Chart 1, Issue Classification]

The code used for the audit can be found at GitHub (https://github.com/KlaySwap/contract-v2). The last commit for the code audited is at “618ca1dd640e7a0d658f89f46361c9a61b696518”.


Critical : In some cases, Kai token can be borrowed regardless of the owned collateral (Found — v.1.0) (Resolved — v.2.0)


Minor : In some cases, rewards for KSP with the same lockPeriod are calculated differently (Found — v.1.0) (Intended — v.2.0)


TIPS : Functions that perform the same function are implemented in duplicate (Found — v.1.0) (Intended — v.2.0)
TIPS : An integer overflow may occur (Found — v.1.0) (Resolved — v.2.0)


HAECHI AUDIT found 1 Critical Issue, 0 Major Issue, and 1 Minor Issue. We recommends that the Klayswap team resolve all of the issues found. They fixed and acknowledged all of the issues.

HAECHI AUDIT Official website: https://audit.haechi.io/

HAECHI AUDIT Twitter: https://twitter.com/haechi_audit


It is HAECHI AUDIT’s mission to help clients develop secure smart contracts by providing the most trustworthy security auditing services.

HAECHI AUDIT is a top smart contract security audit firm consists of blockchain professionals. We provide the most secure smart contract security audit and smart contract development services to our global clients.

Our representative clients include 1inch.exchange, Pickle Finance, Harvest Finance etc. We have been providing audit services with +100 clients.

Trusted by the industry leaders, we have been incubated by the Samsung Electronics and awarded the Ethereum Foundation Grants and Ethereum Community Fund.

Secure your smart contracts with HAECHI AUDIT.

Contact : audit@haechi.io




HAECHI AUDIT is the leading smart contract security audit company founded top security experts. Trusted by the industry leaders, HAECHI AUDIT has reached strategic partnerships with global Exchanges and the Fortune global 500 enterprises.

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