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Spirituality’s Utopia Problem

It’s not all about the present moment

It’s often said in spiritual circles that there is no time other than the present. Peace, it is said, is found in the now. But spirituality also loves to gaze into the future.

When spirituality does so, it frequently turns messianic, predicting the imminent arrival of a new, enlightened world. This shows up in the constant…



Hageon draws from the Greek word for “holy” and “sanctuary.” It is devoted to writing that opens the heart and mind to divine truth. It focuses on the promises and pitfalls of a spiritual path, and how to navigate them with wisdom and grace.

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Patrick Paul Garlinger

Author of Endless Awakening: Time, Paradox, and the Path to Enlightenment and other books. Former prof & lawyer, now mystic, writer, psychic.