As most of us are busy hunkering down at home the days many are wondering what to do with themselves. My granddaughter’s schools are not offering anything on line for the time being, but her mother is using lots of free online resources to homeschool her. Many museums and art galleries are offering free virtual tours. Some places are offering free music downloads and some artists virtual concerts, so you have plenty to listen too. A friend of my husband, Kiiya Heartwood gave a free acoustic guitar and song concert from her house. It was very fun to see and hear her in such a private setting. She will be doing another one on zoom next Friday night as well. I’m sure you can find others if you search on line. Many artist and crafters are giving free instructions.

So a shout out for all who are trying to help keep those of us who are not on the frontlines fighting this disease at happy home. We can all do our part, call and check in on friends and neighbors. and stay home if possible. what a blessed world we live in where we can be in such comfort during a pandemic.

A bigger shoutout to all those nurses and doctors on the frontlines. Thank you! To all those helping us with groceries and essentials, thank you as well.



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