Day –192 — Haibun Journey Daily Thoughts — Weeding Again

Sometimes things come up in your life and never seem to quite go away. Weeds are Like that. Some weeds are easy to pull and eradicate, but some are tenacious, These are sort of like the news on the COVID 19 it surrounds you everywhere. You can pull the weeds or change the channel, but you can’t get away from it for very long. We have to learn to take things in small doses. I should garden each day for about 20 minutes every day and keep the weeds under control. We should just shut the news down for a time each day and give ourselves a break or better yet limit the time to about an hour.

we stare blankly
watching over and over
bad news

Weeding was not all bad. I worked around the lavender and the rosemary. The wonderful scents clung to my gloves I worked. I also got to be out in the glorious sunshine, listening to the bird calls. New tulips should be blooming tomorrow and the lilac bush is developing purple buds.

long day working
the moon in the east
the sun in the west



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