Day -394- Daily Haibun Journey — Good News

Have you heard the good news? According to our president corona virus is ending, and after November 4th we won’t hear about it anymore because it’s going away. This despite cases in forty-one states being double that of. last week. Covid’s gotten more attention the he has so it’s over. What a moron. In the past week we have seen a 20% increase in new cases of the virus. There has also been 13% rise in people being hospitalized and an 11% rise in daily deaths. Still the guy who is trying to silence the CDC and control what we are allowed to know still has a chance to win this election. He has also lied about there being a cure and that it will be free. Neither of the fore mentioned are true. Dose this man have no shame, even for the death of so many Americans?

Photo by Author -D. Fegan

This is but a slow erosion of our democracy, one tiny bit being blown away at a time. First silence the truth, hide the facts, then come after any who don’t agree with you. Trump would like to shut down NBC news because they don’t bow down and kiss his patootie like Fox News. Second do what ever you want. It has also come out at how much he is billing the country for the stays at his hotels. The amounts are obscenely overpriced, like three dollars for two glasses of water. Third disseminate propaganda and stir up distrust among the people. Well I think all of you can cite examples here.

If nothing else besides miss handling the pandemic, sowing discord at every step of the way, and tanking the economy he is making money off the American people and not just from the salary he receives. Come on people we have a dangerous, ignoramus up for re-election. We have the right and obligation to get out and vote before this tyrant takes over the country.

moonlight night
a mad man paces
the white house

Don’t take my word for true, check it out with the Washington Post or the Boston Journal. Just Google your questions and don’t put your trust in FOX news.

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?” – Mahatma Gandhi

I know I moved my writings to but sometimes things just need to be said twice.



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