Day -418- Daily Haibun Journey — Beyond Politics

Enough is enough. We all knew president trump would act like a toddler if he lost the election, but the republican leaders are not acting in the best interest of the country. They are undermining our elections and our democracy. They are enabling great harm to our country and need to be held accountable. When you lose an election you, congratulate the winner and help the transition for the best interest of America. I am not disappointed in trump, he let us all know he was not going to accept any election outcome that did not put him as the winner of the election. Even Tucker Carlson said there was not evidence of voter fraud claimed by trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell.

The values and freedoms our democracy are being damaged by unfounded conspiracy theories. This bully is threatening all that we hold dear and hurting our standing throughout the world. It is time for the political officials to accept the will of the American people and quit being afraid of the bully. Only seven republicans have acknowledged the results of our free and fair elections. These politicians who refuse to do what their public duty is and their lack of action. They are not standing up as leaders. Why are they standing by this man who locked children in cages and refuses to take action to help prevent the spread on the corona virus. I have lost all respect these men and women. They will be too busy trying to pacify donald trump. If you really believe in American Democracy, sacrifice your seat and tell the man to shut up. Republicans need to put their jobs and loyalty to Americans above their own political agendas. This is the saddest and lowest point of politics in our nation. Republicans need to stop being afraid of trump and quit behaving in such a detrimental way.

Step up for Americans and lets start working on more important things like getting this damn virus under control and stop worrying about a mean tweet from the donald.

lack of care
our country and values
torn by betrayal



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