Day 326 –Maple Seeds- Haibun Journey View From My Window

From my window in the porch light I can see maple seeds. I have to say I’ve not been very observant and had not noticed them until today when they were prolific. Some times life can be that way. We get so use to seeing something as we think it should be that we don’t notice the changes. This is great for wives whose husbands still see them with out all the stretch marks and wrinkles. For other things like roofs and friendships its not so good.

maple seeds
hanging in the porch light
casting shadows

For Carpe Diem Utabukuro #10 Wim Lofvers’ “a maple seed”

a maple seed
in a dark alleyway
- New Year’s Day

© Wim Lofvers

My choose author

The air is spinning!
Squadrons of maple-copters
take the fertile earth.

© Betty Hayes Albright

Haibun Journey — View From My Window