Day 351 –Stars in the Trees- Haibun Journey View From My Window

Very late this evening or rather very early this morning, about 2:30, I looked out the window. I saw stars in the branches of the maple and pine trees. It was a beautiful sight. It reminded me od a children’s story were a small tree was unhappy, he wanted to grow up and have stars in his branches, like he would see looking up at the other trees at night. Not sure how the whole thing went but in the end the tree didn’t grow very tall, but was told that he always had stars in his branches. See it was an apple tree. If you slice the apple in half the right way you will find a star. After all he did have stars in his branches.

It reminds me that although we are all different, and some seem to shine way more than others, all people are important. We all have stars in our branches even if they are hidden. We just have to search inside to find our own way to shine.

autumn trees
with stars in their branches
whisper secrets