Day 356 –Orionids- Haibun Journey View From My Window

From my window I can see Orion high in the eastern sky. It reminds me that the Orionis Meteor shower peeks tonight. This is debris from the most famous comet of all. That’s right, Haley’s comet. Haley’s itself won’t actually return to earth until 20161. ( I think I’ll be sitting that one out) The meteor shower is named for the part of the sky from which it can be seen, hence Orionids for Orion. I may go out after midnight, but I’m a wimp and I think it will be too cold.

late October
light streaks in the night sky
Orionid Shower

It is 3:00 am now. I went out at 2 and watched for meteors for around 30 minutes. The stars were spectacular. Even with a blanket wrapped around me it was chilly. In the dark falling leaves make lots of scary noises. Towards the end one dog started howling in the distance and I thought about wolves in the wild. The howling was soon drown out by a loud rumbling car and then a lot of dogs started barking so I came in. I only saw one meteor, but that was enough. Once inside I slipped in bed and enjoyed the heat radiating from my sleeping husband. I reached over and adjusted the blinds so I could see Orion. I watched for another half hour and saw three more meteors from the warmth of my bed. It’s not the same though as being alone with your thoughts in the dark under a beautiful sky, listening to nature.

on a chilly night
wrapped in a blanket
the stars sing