30 Days of Daily Pattern

My next daily challenge is focusing on the graphic pattern.

Namika Haiji Hamasaki


After accomplished 100 days of Daily UI, I’ve started a Daily Pattern project making unique graphic patterns.

Although it is called “Daily” Pattern, I haven’t been doing it every single day. Instead, I’ve been making one or two images per week. Even so, the number of my patterns has grown to over thirty images.

Why I’m doing this?

The reason why I’ve chosen patterns as the next daily challenge was for drawing practice. Also, I wanted to try new color combinations which I hadn’t used. Because at work, usually color pallets are restricted by brand colors. For that reason, I pick unusual colors in my work intentionally.

My 30 days journey


I was making it by iPad at the beginning to improve my illustration skill.

Daily Pattern #002 Sunset
Daily Pattern #003 Rice
Daily Pattern #010 Furniture

Analog texture

Daily Pattern #004 Pebble
Daily Pattern #013 Circle
Daily Pattern #014 Oyasumi, good night


As I made patterns, I started getting interested in composing with basic shapes such as circles and rectangles.

Daily Pattern #016
Daily Pattern #006 Lattice
Daily Pattern #023
Daily Pattern #024
Daily Pattern #028
Daily Pattern #031

Wrap up

You can see all my Daily Patterns on Dribbble. I’m going to upload a new pattern on it. Future patterns — -Please check it out.



Namika Haiji Hamasaki

Senior Designer at All Turtles based in San Francisco / My work at http://namika.hmsk.co/