(236): Tropical Syllabic Dances

A small collection of haiku for a tropical system day…

Those were the days… Image (cropped) by simpleinsomnia via Flickr. License.
Image by finchlake2000 via Flickr. License.
Children in a boat,
Gamely pulling the long oars —
Past the cottonmouths.

Image by Bobby McKay via Flickr. License.
Heat of the day grows
Algae scum upon the ponds —
Growing oxygen.

Image by Alyssa L. Miller via Flickr. License.
Standing in the rain
Watching the clouds lowering —
When will he arrive?

Image by Suzanne Nilsson via Flickr. License.
A breath of cool wind
Dries the sweat from dripping brow —
Finally, cold front.

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