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The Haiku Hub Relaunches with Updated Submission Guidelines

Haiku Hub is about showcasing the deceptively simple but rich poetic form of haiku. Creating mindfulness through haiku verse…read on grasshopper

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On September 9th, 2019, Haiku Hub editors have decided to begin accepting submissions for placement behind the paywall! Please read on!

Here is an excellent article from Medium’s 3 min. blog outlining almost everything you’ll need to know about the money side of the house!

Here’s the nuts and bolts of submitting your haiku to Haiku Hub:

If you’re not already a member of the Hub, simply request to be added as a new writer by emailing me at haikutography@gmail.com. Introduce yourself and add the link to your medium profile page in the body of the email.

Got haiku? Send it to us! But first read this guide.

*One submission for the Haiku This! prompt per week, please.*

— Submit one haiku in draft to the current Haiku This! prompt, using the prompt as your inspiration. Please send us only your best haiku for each Haiku This! prompt and indicate in private note if you wish us to consider it for metering behind the paywall. If we have no problem or suggested edits, we’ll publish it for members only.

— If you’d like to submit a haiku outside of the prompt, please feel free to do so (but keep in mind, and one or two haikus will be accepted by the same writer per week. Be mindful your piece must be in proper form, and if it’s a variation on form please include an explanation of the type of haiku you’re submitting so we all may enjoy it.

— Please ensure your form is accurate and classically composed of 3 lines containing 5–7–5 syllables, respectively.

— Please include ONE image with your haiku along with the source credit, or your editors will add an image for you. However, do not rely on the image to convey the impression you wish to leave, this honor belongs to the haiku itself.

— Here’s a handy source to double check your haiku form for proper line and syllable format- (Here’s a link to the basics for beginners: Haiku found on Wikipedia.) Then, submit it in draft!

Haiku Variations: If you’d like to submit a haiku poem in one of the recognized variations, please note it in the subtitle and with the appropriate tag. For example, a lune, which is a more common variation on the syllable pattern from 5–7–5 to 3–5–3. Simple subtitle your piece “a lune”.

If you’re new to Medium and contributing your work to publications this tutorial link will walk you through the process quite painlessly.

To get a sense of what we prefer to publish here at Haiku Hub, please read over the next couple of paragraphs below.

Typical characteristics of haiku — Source

“Haiku” is a term sometimes loosely applied to any short, impressionistic poem, but there are certain characteristics that are commonly associated with the genre which the haiku artist must master:

  • a focus on some aspect of nature or the seasons
  • division into two asymmetrical sections, usually with a cut at the end of the first or second section, creating a juxtaposition of two subjects (e.g. something large and something small, something natural and something human-made, two unexpectedly similar things, etc.)
  • a contemplative or wistful tone and an impressionistic brevity
  • elliptical “telegram style” syntax and no superfluous words
  • imagery predominates over ideas and statements, so that meaning is typically suggestive, requiring reader participation
  • avoidance of metaphor and similes
  • non-rhyming lines (typically)

Some additional traits which are especially associated with English-language haiku (as opposed to Japanese-language haiku):

  • a three-line format with 17 syllables arranged in a 5–7–5 pattern; or about 10 to 14 syllables, which more nearly approximates the duration of a Japanese haiku with the second line usually the longest. Some poets want their haiku to be expressed in one breath.
  • little or no punctuation or capitalization, except that cuts are sometimes marked with dashes or ellipses and proper nouns are usually capitalized

Note: If you don’t see your haiku published to the homepage right away be patient. We don’t have a fixed schedule for publishing. Also, the editors may ask you to make some edits to your piece before publishing, and of course, we reserve the right to pass on any submission which doesn’t meet submission criteria.

Happy Haiku-ing! Your Editors,

Slk.🎈& Sherry Kappel

Haiku Hub

The place to enjoy and share the art of haiku poetry in pure and varied form


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Haiku Hub

Haiku Hub

The place to enjoy and share the art of haiku poetry in pure and varied form

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