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20221230 — My Year in Reviews (Project Roadmap 2022 12)

Following threaded / passageways, choices to choose, / forming mediums.

Following threaded / passageways, choices to choose, / forming mediums.

#HAIKUPRAJNA — My Year in Reviews (Project Roadmap 2022

Hello readers,

It is the time of year where everyone is rounding up their 2022 Year in Review across the various websites that offer it, which means that it is time for a new Project Roadmap.

This year, eighty-five hundred (8.5k!) people read on the HaikuPrajna blog.

Readers are enjoying these book reviews across social media; over 900 followers have joined HaikuPrajna on Medium.com; 500 people follow on Instagram; 300 subscribers are reading on LinkedIn.

Since the last Roadmap update [ https://haikuprajna.blogspot.com/2022/09/20220907-forming-attractions-project.html ], these readers have been enjoying free ebooks on not only Fridays, but also every Monday as well.

Read on until the end to hear about our upcoming and recent book releases.

The Best Books Reviewed in 2022

Before we head onto new book releases, let’s check out the top five HaikuPrajna book reviews — as chosen by you, readers!

The top books on HaikuPrajna are…

.1. Seconds — Bryan Lee O’Malley

.2. Bloodborne — Ales Kot [

.3. Scott Pilgrim — Bryan Lee O’Malley

.4. Batman and Robin — Grant Morrison

.5. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow — Washington Irving

.Honourable Mention. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? — Philip K. Dick

Top HaikuPrajna Posts of 2022

Out of my own projects, the following are the top announcements as determined by your viewership;

.1. Fishing for Caribou — Release Trailer

.2. Message of the Wisps — Fishing for Caribou Preview

.3. The Artifact — SM-SARA, Poems and Other Stories Anniversary [

Your most viewed videos on the HaikuPrajna YouTube channel:

.1. Self-love [

.2. Amazing Spider-man — Kraven’s Last Hunt Book Review

.3. Howl’s Moving Castle Book Review

.4. Foundation Book Review [

.5. Corpus Hermetica Book Review

On Medium, here are your top five articles:

.1. Review: Howl’s Moving Castle

.2. The Queen’s Gambit Book Review

.3. Fishing for Caribou (Preview) — [

.4. Amazing Spider-man Issue 900 — [

.5. Review: Final Crisis

The Highest Rated Books of 2022

Last, but for certain not least, here are the best books that I read during 2022, on Goodreads:

.1. The VALIS Series — Philip K. Dick [

.2. The Epic of Gilgemesh — Unknown [

.3. A Scanner Darkly — Philip K. Dick — [

.4. The Enneads — Plotinus [ To be reviewed ]

.5. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — Lewis Carroll

Did your favorite books make the cut? Either way, let me know in the comments! Maybe your favorite book will end up here next year~

Shoutout to Goodreads for their 2022 “My Year in Books” page. Check out my stack here: [ https://www.goodreads.com/user/year_in_books/2022/83965332 ].

Last year I pledged to read two books a month, and I wrangled together twenty-seven books (which composed of two comics and one of my own releases, for an even twenty-four), you can check out that reading challenge at the end of my Goodreads Year in Books (linked above).

I keep comics that I read unlisted, for the most part, to avoid inflating my reading stats, but readers are free to browse my been-read comics shelf on Goodreads: [ https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/83965332-allen-mclean?order=d&ref=nav_mybooks&shelf=co-been-read&sort=rating&view=table ]

There is a Goodreads shelf for the books yet to be reviewed with a few from 2022 that I still need to do; most of the comics are probably able to be moved to my to-reread shelf. Check out the to-be-reviewed shelf here: [ https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/83965332-allen-mclean?ref=nav_mybooks&shelf=to-be-reviewed ]

I shake up my reading routine by rereading favourites and books that need a review, and you can view that shelf over here: [ https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/83965332-allen-mclean?ref=nav_mybooks&shelf=to-reread-and-review&sort=rating ]

Last year, I put together a shelf for the books that I wanted to read in 2022, and at its close I started putting together my 2023 shelf: [

Now for some project announcements.

BATT-LE Colosseum


“ Welcome, Nina, to BATT-LE Colosseum!

Here, using over one hundred unique armours such as Ian the Turtle, players engage each other across the different environments spread across the arena’s map.

Bring your telekinetic abilities into the game with you!

Secure all of the badges and compete for the Champion position against old allies and new foes!

Score the highest kill count today in BATT-LE Colosseum! Available at your local MEGA Holo-Plex. “

BATT-LE Colosseum is the next book in the Fluke series, set after ULTRAVIOLET. Set to release in the first quarter, expect a separate reveal post in January 2023.

Falgara the Giant

. Read more here : [ https://haikuprajna.blogspot.com/2022/11/20221116-falgara-giant-official-reveal.html ]

Falgara the Giant, the third story in The Wisps Book, will release on Kindle Unlimited in January 2023. Expect a release announcement soon!

Throughout 2023, readers can expect more Terraform stories on the likes of Regica the calcified calamari, Simongia the bear, Summond the jack-o-lantern, Sol the Sun, and Christmas the sheep.

The Wisps Book, when its collected physical edition is released, will serve as the fourth entry in the HaikuPrajna Collection.

Elephant in the Room

In a slight delay to ensure sufficient care and quality, before Spring 2023 the second edition of Elephant in the Room will see a wide release, just like Ado the Owl and Hector Blake.

Before autumn 2023, Two Elephants in the Room, the fifth book in the HaikuPrajna Collection, will feature all of the book reviews and poetry featured on HaikuPrajna up to the end of 2022, including the to-be-reviewed books that I had read in the year. Read about my book reviews : [ https://haikuprajna.blogspot.com/p/book-review-summary-study-notes.html ]

Looking to the rest of 2023 (and beyond) for the rest of these announcements; Bucket and Train will occupy the HaikuPrajna Collection VI slot, and will feature more stories in the same vein as the bonus Halloween story “Sprouting” which can be read for free here : [ https://haikuprajna.blogspot.com/2021/10/20211031-happy-halloween-nanowrimo.html ]

There are even more projects still being developed, including Orson Tripp and more Fluke, along with projects such as “The List”, for music/movie/game reviews.

Project Roadmap

At last, the moment we have been waiting for; here is a revised HaikuPrajna Project Roadmap, featuring all the anniversary dates for each of the stories — along with a glimpse into the future.

Where We Are

. [2019 04 23 HaikuPrajna Day, first IG post] [2019 06 16 SM-SARA Kindle Edition] [2019 11 10 Patreon]

. [2020 04 04 Elephant in the Room First Edition] [2020 12 02 Blogspot]

. [2021 03 03 SM-SARA, Poems and Other Stories First Edition] [2021 06 13 Escape Perennial City] [2021 11 28 Fishing for Caribou]

. [2022 03 03 The Artifact . 2022 03 10 SM-SARA KID: A Edition . 2022 03 13 The Cannon . 2022 03 22 Hector Blake . 2022 04 01 SM-SARA, Poetry and Other Stories Second Edition] [2022 06 16 Together in Forever Pt. I . 2022 06 28 Pt II . 2022 07 25 Pt III . 2022 08 01 Physical Collection] [2022 09 30 Tomothy and the Overseer of the Forest] [2022 10 29 ULTRAVIOLET] [2022 12 03 Ado the Owl]

Upcoming Release Dates (may be subject to change)

. [2023 01 Falgara the Giant]

. [2023 02 Elephant in the Room Second Edition . BATT-LE Colosseum]

. [2023 03 Two Elephants in the Room . The Wisps Book’s Summond, Sol and Christmas stories . The Music List ]

Future Releases

. [Orson Tripp] [Fluke, Books I-III, including sequels to Hector Blake and KID: A . Book IV Together in Forever] [Sequels to Escape Perennial City] [Sequel to The Cannon] [More books in development featuring the Overseer]

And that concludes my 2022 Year in Reviews! April and I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday Christmas season, and we wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and an exciting 2023; April and I are celebrating a decade anniversary this year, we visited the Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto and will continue to celebrate well into the New Year.

Thank you for reading, I am forever thankful and grateful for you all.

Please share your thoughts in a comment.

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