20230529 — HaikuPrajna — Finding The Way [BATTLE Colosseum — Official Paperback Release Announcement]

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Like drifting snowfall,\\ those who were separated, \\ now reunited.

#HaikuPrajna — Finding The Way [BATTLE Colosseum — Official Paperback Release Announcement]

Read online [ https://haikuprajna.blogspot.com/2023/05/20230529-haikuprajna-finding-way-battle.html ]

Trailer https://youtu.be/AeXOtGrVa0Y

Hello readers,

BATTLE Colosseum, the latest chapter in the “FLUKE!” series, has been released as a paperback novella! Get your copy through the below links:

Paperback https://www.amazon.ca/BATTLE-Colosseum-Allen-W-McLean/dp/B0C6BSSC1L

Kindle Unlimited https://a.co/d/fq4b479

Author Central https://www.amazon.com/stores/Allen-W.-McLean/author/B0867C5D24

Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/162629835-battle-colosseum

Preview https://read.amazon.ca/kp/embed?asin=B0C67X4TMT

Our protagonist controls Nina, a playable character in this fictional augmented virtual reality video game. While playing BATT-LE Colosseum, Nina prefers to operate solo — because she was using a modified game client to play outside of the MEGA Corporation’s GamePlex — and she struggles with being reliant on other players, like Ian the Turtle.

This metaphysical science fiction story took inspiration from a wide variety of pop culture, from video games (like Smash Bros, Halo, Team Fortress 2, Fortnite and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) to books (including stories by Philip K. Dick and Douglas Adams) and back to anime (such as Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann). I even took the names of the characters from the pets in our family, and I stuck in some references to Electric Armchair’s music.

BATTLE Colosseum resonates with those who struggle with relying on others, as Nina grapples with the choice of reducing what she is reliant on versus being comfortable in any situation, including being dependent on her teammate. During BATTLE Colosseum, Nina realizes that replanning was where the fun was found and, because she has faith in her abilities, that she could have faith in her team, too.

BATTLE Colosseum ebook cover
Nina sticker design by April Salisbury-White, based on the character from BATTLE Colosseum by Allen W. McLean

Blurb — Part I Hiding One’s Tracks

“ Welcome to BATT-LE Colosseum!

Here, using over one hundred unique armours such as Ian the Turtle, engage other players across the environments spread across the arena.

Use your telekinetic abilities in the game!

Secure badges and compete for the Champion position against old allies and new foes!

Score the highest today in BATT-LE Colosseum, where only one will survive! Exclusive to your local MEGA Corp. GamePlex. “

Blurb — Part II Unified Field Theory

“ Welcome, thanks for joining Nina’s broadcast! In case you missed it, Nina and Ian had teamed up to engage the Vikings. They’ve been overcoming hindrances, including dealing with each other’s abilities and being left alone!

Will Nina and Ian reunite?

Will either escape with their badges?

Tune in and stick together for the rest of the match to find out! “

Also includes Tomothy and the Overseer of the Forest, a part of The Wisps Book, along with a preview of ULTRAVIOLET, another chapter in the FLUKE! series.

Thank you for reading,

Until next time!

Allen W. McLean

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