20240331 … Wintertime Dates … HaikuPrajna (APRILandALLEN’s Roadmap 2024 Jan Feb Mar)

Little animals \\ in the natural city, \\ braving the cold snow

Allen W. McLean


… Wintertime Dates … HaikuPrajna (APRILandALLEN’s Roadmap 2024 Jan Feb Mar)

Read online https://youtu.be/TiLwln2CISg

Hello reader,

Happy Easter!

April and I have been busy placing mini Zines in Little Free Libraries while enjoying good food from places around the city this past quarter of the year.

We walked all over downtown Toronto, braving the cold snow while soaking in the local wildlife and nature.

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The song in the video is “In The Snowfall” by Electric Armchair — go listen to her music on your favorite streaming platform!


Thank you for reading,

Until next time!

Allen W. McLean

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