20240403 — The Giant’s Shadow — HaikuPrajna Project Roadmap Update — 2024 Jan Feb Mar

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Darkness and snowfall, \\ transcends to walks in the park, \\ better together.

… The Giant’s Shadow — HaikuPrajna

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Hello reader,

Thanks for reading the first HaikuPrajna Project Roadmap Update of 2024; hope you had a good Easter weekend and enjoyed some April Fools Day jokes.

We have updated the APRILandALLEN website with new mini-zines, lyric books and stickers, along with April’s illustrated poetry book, Fright Folk! (Visit Electric Armchair for more info)

. Current Reads:

. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith — Matthew Stover

. 2061: Odyssey Three — Arthur C. Clarke

. Thus Spoke Zarathustra — Friedrich Nietzche

. Enneads — Plotinus

I am still reading the Star Wars novels and the Space Odyssey series while taking notes from Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Plotinus’s Enneads; am also keeping up on Spider-man comics, loving what Hickman is doing with Ultimate so far, and I was also going through my favorite parts of the Dragon Ball manga to relive and honor Akira Toriyama’s legacy.

. Finished Books:

. Attack of the Clones — R. A. Salvatore . 2024 01 10

. The Clone Wars — Karen Traviss . 2024 02 18

. Stuart Little — E.B. White . 2024 03 28

HaikuPrajna book reviews coming soon (trademark pending).

HaikuPrajna Project Roadmap

Upcoming Releases by Allen W. McLean:

. Together in Forever

. Collected editions of both The Wisps Book and the new The Deeper Forest series will be released as two sub-series to Together in Forever

. Together in Forever: Part IV-V

… The sleeping hero, \\ their eyes blind to injustice \\ with misplaced mercy. … (Simmer Down — HaikuPrajna (Together in Forever: Part V)

. As part of “SM-SARA: Poetry and Other Stories”, the short story “Artemis” will receive an independent release coupled with an all-new entry in Together in Forever.

Recent Releases by Allen W. McLean:

. 2024 04 Project Roadmap 2024 Jan Feb Mar

Mini-zine print-out which features the latest from APRLandALLEN’s ABCs.

. 2024 02 Together in Forever — The Deeper Forest: The Giant’s Shadow

(Darkness and snowfall, \\ transcends to walks in the park, \\ better together. … The Giant’s Shadow — HaikuPrajna)

For Valentine’s Day, April and I made mini-zines for each other; I started a new series and she illustrated her song, Love Boat.

In one of the Deeper Forest’s trees, the Overseer and Sol were chased through a snowed-in city by a Shadow while its Giant fled from the team, due to their partnership violating the trial’s solo nature.

This action-packed short-story was inspired by the sci-fi and anime that we watch and read together.

In addition to the new APRILandALLEN Roadmap video on YouTube, and all the other changes we have been making to the website, this is just some of the stuff April and I have been up to in the past three months, and we are as excited as always to keep showing off our new projects and connecting with readers and creators alike.

Thank you for reading,

Until next time!

Allen W. McLean

Read more from HaikuPrajna: https://haikuprajna.blogspot.com/2023/08/20230813-haikuprajna-holes-book-review.html

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