When To Post On Social Media & Why Local Hashtags Are Your Best Bet

In today’s lesson, we’re going to focus on busting the myth once and for all and show you how you can use one simple Instagram feature to guide your posting decisions.

Once we do that, you will also find out why local hashtags are super-powerful for building your social media influence in your area.

The questions that is as old as Instagram itself…

“ When And How Often Should I Post?”

My very straight forward answer to this question would be: It Doesn’t Matter!

We live in a world with different time zones — when you’re waking up in North America, people in Australia are already asleep, so worrying about getting the timing right becomes another unnecessary hurdle to throw in front of yourself.

Instagram is open 24/7.

The timing of Instagram posts mattered five years ago when there weren’t 500 million users flooding the platform daily but today, people check their phone an average of 34 times per day (Facebook stats)

People look at their phones at 6:19 a.m. while they’re sitting on the toilet and they also check their phones at 12:43 a.m. when they can’t sleep BECAUSE they can’t put their phone down.

See where I’m going with this?

It’s far more important to publish your work then to strategize on how to do it or at what time.

Instagram evolved over time and as you’re reading this, you’re capable of going into your Instagram settings and seeing when people are on Instagram the most, hour by hour.

Thanks Instagram!

We no longer have the luxury of strategizing and debating — we must do and Instagram gave us that extra push through a new app feature.

The world is moving way too fast for us to sit and ponder.

Either you post, or you don’t.

Are you just getting into Instagram? Post your work.

Do you have 5,000 followers? Post your work.

Worrying about the timing is another way to procrastinate and hold yourself back from actually doing something.

I know it because I’ve done it time and time again.

It’s not a matter of running a marathon or breaking a sweat with your physical body — it’s a matter of grabbing your phone and using those thumbs to make the post when you feel inspired to.

And if you think you’re not inspired but feel like you should make a post, do it anyway.

You’re only using your thumbs!

Don’t overthink it.

These Social Media platforms change so much and so often that it seems like once you go through a “worry-and-finally-do-something-about-it” cycle, another update happens, causing another cycle to start.

So take it from me: post your work, document your growth, treat Instagram as your online professional work portfolio (not like a service discount flyer), and be consistent with it.

It’s a thumb marathon, not a sprint — there’s no rush and no need to sweat the little things like when.

Use the features within the app!

Ok, I get it but what about hashtags?

Local Hashtags Are Under Used & Underrated

Allow me to repeat that…

Local hashtags are under-used and underrated.

So what do you do?

You start to think like a client, what else?!

You want your hair done NOW, and you want to find hairstylists in your area NOW.

So you’re thinking to yourself “what if I search for a local hairstylist on this thing? I wonder if any stylists hashtag the city where they work?”

You need to think about how YOU would search for a hairstylist in your area.

You’d use local options such as local hashtags (#sandiego #nyc #localrestaurant

Try #yourcityhairstylist

If your city is small try the closest large city to where you live.

You’ll find hashtags that other hairstylists put up.

Those are hashtags people would search for, not salon brand names.

Consumers will want specificity, not generalities.

Your professional Instagram page is now in the ballpark, or at least a short drive away with these local hashtags.

Now you stand a chance to be discovered locally.

So what can you do to “profit” from local hashtags?

Start by engaging on all the local hashtag instagram posts you can.

If the person looks like a client you’d like to have (Yes, judge their Instagram account) then start by liking their posts and engaging.

Don’t start selling or pitching discounts.

It’s too early.

They’ll know why you’re doing it and they will appreciate you never pitching.

I promise they’ll come to you if you do it long enough.

This is your business, your reputation, your livelihood and your future relationships, all at stake.

Think like a client, be the hairstylist YOU would be proud to go to if you were them.

Engage with people and offer valuable advice on their hair even if if it takes you 3 minutes and you aren’t sure they’ll ever become your client.


Find out what happens.

If you’re not busy, all the more reason to spend more time on Instagram local hashtags.

And if you do happen to try out local hashtags, or you’ve already used them successfully, please do let me know, I’d love to hear from you just hit reply inside the e-mail.

Until next time,