Yuri Lee
Yuri Lee
Jun 10 · 4 min read

Anyone can become a creator for educational language videos in their own mother tongue. Haive, a global content platform for learning languages and communicating with foreign native speakers, will conduct a closed beta for recruitment of creators and influencers starting June 17th.

Learn foreign languages with content from real native speakers

Haive is a social language-learning platform where learners can watch short videos uploaded by real native speakers. Language video creators, on the other hand, can produce short videos in their native language which automatically get translated into nine other languages; this way, language video creators can reach people all around the world. During the beta period, we will recruit video creators who want to become global influencers in their mother language.

Global initial creators

Whether it’s Douyin/TikTok or Youtube, the first video is not necessarily the most popular, but the first video ever uploaded on these platforms is still a hot topic. Haive is a brand new app, and creators who join now have the chance to become the most influential creators in the future as they joined early.

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time on social media. We share our lives and observe other people’s lifestyles through social media channels as we are genuinely interested in how other people live and speak. Moreover, many people truly enjoy helping others learn from their experiences, and hence they create new content every day in order to be influential in their communities.

Haive allows such creators to share their natural gift — their mother tongue — with language learners all around the world. The difference to other social media apps is that Haive purely focuses on language learning by providing powerful AI translation, which automatically creates a transcript in nine languages for any short video uploaded.

In the closed beta version, any native speaker can make their own short videos. Anyone who dreams of becoming an influencer can use their mother tongue to become a global producer!

  1. I only need to record a short video — Haive completes the content in 60 seconds

Effective language teaching materials will be created within 60 seconds whenever and wherever a native language video gets uploaded. If you record with accurate pronunciation, the speech will be automatically recognized and the dialogue transcript will be generated automatically. After a review through the Haive community, AI translates the content into nine languages, without any burden for the video creator.

2. Opportunities to become a global influencer

Most creators think that they need special video editing skills or outstanding charm to succeed, but in Haive, which serves more than 200 countries, you can become a global creator by simply uploading videos of you speaking in your mother language. Joining a brand-new APP like Haive is a great opportunity to start communicating with foreigners and building a following of fans from all over the world, while at the same time helping interested language learners succeed in your mother tongue.

3. What happens when you are close to foreigners

Use your mother language to upload content that brings you closer to foreigners. Foreigners who are learning your native language will want to communicate with you in order to learn the language more quickly or to get to know you better. The most important thing in learning a language is practice. Your short videos keep learners engaged, as they can take part in your daily life and get to know your lifestyle and personality.

4. First mover advantage

It is difficult to judge which contents are good or bad in terms of language learning. For someone, ordinary daily videos are good content, whilst for others, highly-edited videos with complex grammar structures are good content. As an early Haive creator, you can shape the course of how the content on our platform will develop. Once we will have company-sponsored content messages and learners can book private lessons, video creators will even be able to generate revenues. At this stage, we do not know what content is yet to be created and shared, but we think popular content will vary from culture to culture.

5. Learn a foreign language through native speakers

Learning a foreign language is difficult. Moreover, given that many learners spend lots of time and money on overpriced language learning services, they often find themselves struggling to improve and end up being frustrated. Yet, persistence and patience are crucial for mastering a foreign language. Language content on Haive is unlike on any other APP: Haive uses short, fun, user-generated videos from real native speakers that come with an easy translation transcript.

Haive — make it part of your everyday life

Vlogs are increasingly popular. Once shunned upon as a mediocre content form, vlogs are now conquering most if not all major social media channels. Haive is ideally positioned to leverage on the power of vlogs. Nowadays people want to connect with real people, and learn the real way of speaking a language. Haive is the perfect APP to showcase your lifestyle and personality, all while helping learners around the world master your mother tongue, build sympathy and empathy and perhaps even make friendships for a lifetime.

About the closed beta version

Please proceed with the closed beta application via the link below. The Haive entry code will be sent to the phone number you submitted at the time of registration.

It’s time to create videos and help language learners all around the world!

Scan the QR code to become a creator !


Global Language Talent Sharing Platform

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Yuri Lee

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Global Language Talent Sharing Platform

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