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3F Mutual Launch & HAKKA Reward Pools v3

All you need to know about 3F Mutual beforehand

About 3F Mutual

Third Floor Mutual (3F Mutual) employs a rainy day fund like mechanism that allows for one to hedge against MakerDAO collapse risk. It exists as neither an option nor a short position of ETH/DAI/MKR. Our rainy day fund-like design means it acts more like collective insurance.

3F Mutual Top Agent Competition

<1> First-Mover Achievement: 100,000 HAKKA

The first 10 Agents to achieve the “Blue Diamond” level will receive a special reward of 10,000 HAKKA each.

<2> Top-Sales Reward: 1,250,000 HAKKA

There will be a 14-days sales contest since the launch of 3F Mutual. The top 10 agents that successfully promote the most insurance sales in this period would be granted the special reward of HAKKA.

Reward Pool #4

To provide greater liquidity to both HAKKA and MKR, another HAKKA reward pool will be opened. We will introduce pool #4: the HAKKA & MKR pair on Uniswap. 500,000 HAKKA will be distributed to pool #4 each week to reward the liquidity providers for 4 consecutive weeks. A total of 2,000,000 HAKKA will be awarded to this pool.

  • Pool #2: 1,500,000 HAKKA/week (BPT: 90% BHSc$ / 4% USDC / 4% DAI / 2% HAKKA)
  • Pool #3: 2,500,000 HAKKA/week (BPT: 50% BHSc$ / 50% HAKKA)
  • Pool #4: 500,000 HAKKA/week (Uniswap LP: 50% MKR / 50% HAKKA)



Hakka Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem with remarkable DeFi products administered by the governance token: HAKKA.

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Hakka Finance

A DeFi ecosystem with remarkable products administered by the HAKKA token.