Acquiring HAKKA: How to Bridge or Buy HAKKA Tokens (Polygon)

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2 min readMay 11, 2023

There are two main ways to acquire HAKKA tokens on the Polygon network:

A) Buy it on QuickSwap — for first-time HAKKA owners

1. Go to QuickSwap.Exchange and connect your wallet.

2. Choose the token you want to trade for the HAKKA tokens.

3. Input the amount and finish the transaction.

B) Swap your existing HAKKA token from Ethereum to Polygon through Multichain

1. Go to and connect your wallet (Ethereum).

2. Enter the HAKKA (Ethereum) token address and select the Ethereum blockchain on the top.

HAKKA Ethereum Address: 0x0E29e5AbbB5FD88e28b2d355774e73BD47dE3bcd

3. Input the amount of HAKKA (Ethereum) tokens that you want to swap.

3. Now, enter the HAKKA (Polygon) token address and select the Polygon network at the bottom.

HAKKA Polygon Address: 0x978338A9d2d0aa2fF388d3dc98b9bF25bfF5efB4

4. Finish the transaction by clicking “Swap”.



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